Project Timelines and Stages

Below and attached are the indicative project timelines, stages and activities.

 TTA Rest Area Strategy – Project Timeframes

0 – Establish Project Website 1 Nov – 10 Nov Develop website to house project information and to support anyone with an interest to provide comment and contribute TTA Project Officer Website established

1 – Establish Project Reference Group 1 Nov – 14 Nov Consult with key industry stakeholders to confirm involvement on reference group TTA – engagement with key industry stakeholders Project Reference Group established – published on website
2 – Select Routes for evaluation 15 Nov – 22 Nov Confirm key Tasmanian freight route(s) for evaluation

Reference Tasmanian Freight Strategy and projected freight volumes

Project Reference Group – Meeting on 20 November 2018, Launceston

TTA Project Officer

Key freight route(s) confirmed for evaluation
3 – Collect data 21 Nov – 21 Dec Collect data for existing rest areas along the route(s)

Identify current designated heavy vehicle parking areas, rest areas, informal parking bays and areas used by drivers for rest along the route(s)

Confirm criteria for audit of rest areas

Perform audit of each of the identified areas against the criteria

Report on each of the rest areas

Project Reference Group

TTA Project Officer

All rest areas (formal and informal) identified and audited along the route(s) identified
4 – Evaluate Capacity Requirements 14 Jan – 28 Jan Determine whether the existing parking capacity meets the current and future demand at each HV rest area

Determine whether existing facilities at rest areas are sufficient for current and future demand

Project Reference Group

TTA Project Officer

Report on rest areas meeting demand and gaps identified
5 – Identify needs for expansions or new rest areas 29 Jan – 4 Feb Identify options to expand / redevelop existing rest areas or develop new rest areas Project Reference Group

Meeting on 4th February 2019, Launceston

TTA Project Officer

Report on options for expanding rest areas or the need to develop new rest areas
6 – Determine placement and consider design issues 5 Feb – 26 Feb Determine the placement of any new HV rest areas and design considerations for any new or expansion of existing rest areas Project Reference Group

TTA Project Officer

Consulting Engineer for preliminary advice

Report on placement and design considerations
7 – Prioritise 27 Feb – 29 Mar Prioritise the proposed expanded and new HV rest areas

Prepare final project report with recommendations

Project Reference Group

Meeting on 19 March, 2019, Launceston

TTA Project Officer


Final Report & Recommended Strategy