Support from Tasmanian Government for TTA Rest Area Study

Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff and TTA Chairman John de Bruyn discuss the need for HV Rest Areas, 28/11/2018

A study to determine the location of rest stops for truck drivers has received funding from the state government.

A $22,000 grant for a heavy vehicle driver rest area strategy was handed to the Tasmanian Transport Association at an awards event on Saturday.

“Drivers need to be able to manage their fatigue adequately so if they’re tired and they need to pull over but there’s no safe place for them to do it we’re actually putting them at risk,” Mr de Bruyn said

“Places where we could have pulled over in the past, now with a 26 metre B-double that is just totally inappropriate and impossible.

“There are legislated requirements for them to have rest breaks so I think we need to provide them with adequate facilities for them to be able to meet their legal obligations from a fatigue management point of view.”

Mr de Bruyn said between Hobart and Burnie there were limited chances for a truck driver to safely pull over for a rest, outside of business hours.

Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff said over the next 20 years the amount of traffic using the Burnie to Hobart freight corridor was expected to increase by about 36 per cent.

He said building more rest stops would form part of a $13.9 billion, 10-year infrastructure plan.

“We will ensure this important freight corridor can cope with demand into the future,” Mr Rockliff said.

“Without our trucking families [and] our transport operators the economy would grind to a halt.”

Mr Rockliff said he expected the study would start “as soon as possible”.

He said the government had started work on a 30-year plan for the state’s infrastructure, which would be released for consultation later this year.

“For rest stops to cater for larger vehicles there will be some significant investment and of course that will be known when the work [on the study] is done,” Mr Rockliff said.

Source: The Advocate Newspaper: